About Elizabeth
In Firenze, Italia, April 2003
I live with my husband, Paul, and our feral cat, Willow, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beautiful lettering has always caught my eye. I bought the 20th Edition Speedball Textbook when I was 16 and played around a bit with letterforms then, but it wasn't until my late teens, when I began to see the work of our family friend, Stanford Professor and Calligrapher Eric Hutchinson, that I started studying calligraphy in earnest. His work has been my greatest inspiration.

I decided to teach myself calligraphy in about 1980 by studying Eric's work and by watching the Lloyd Reynolds program, which was being aired on PBS at that time. I lettered pretty regularly for about 4 years and then for a number of years I concentrated on drawing, an activity from which I also derive a lot of pleasure.

I returned to calligraphy in 1993, at which time I had the privilege and pleasure of having private lessons with Eric Hutchinson. In the past couple of years I have taken workshops through Pacific Scribes, studying with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer, Annie Cicale, and Valerie Weilmuenster, and I intend to continue my education in this manner. I am also a member of an independent study group which meets monthly. I feel very fortunate to have so much contact with the local talented calligraphers and those who come from around the country to teach.

I also am extremely attracted to and draw great inspiration from studying illuminated manuscripts. Some of my happiest hours are spent lettering while listening to early music -- music from the 12th century up through the Baroque period.

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